Brief introduction to R, 2023

This video series is a brief introduction to the R statistical computing environment suitable for students with no previous computer programming experience. It was created as part of a statistics class for first-year psychology PhD students in 2023. It consists of seven videos listed on this page and in a Youtube playlist.

These videos have two main goals. First, they aim to make students comfortable doing basic tasks in R as a foundation for continued practice. Second, they aim to prepare students to understand demonstrations of statistical concepts that use R to implement examples. This video series covers some of the same content as my longer R Workshop.

These videos are designed to be viewed in order. For example, later videos continue discussing hypothetical data examples from earlier videos. The R code file and example data files used in this video series are available here: Code and example data [zip].

List of Videos

The videos linked below are also available in a single Youtube playlist.

Part 1: What is R?

Part 2: Variables and functions

Part 3: Vectors

Part 4: Data frames

Part 5: Plots; factors; logical values

Part 6: Missing values; composite scores; packages

Part 7: Conclusion