Conceptual introduction to linear regression, 2023

This video series is a conceptual introduction to linear regression created as part of a statistics class for first-year psychology PhD students in Fall 2023. It consists of eight videos listed on this page and in a Youtube playlist.

These videos aim to bring students up to speed on the basics of linear regression (especially linear regression with one predictor variable) as preparation for more advanced conversations. Topics include ordinary least squares, interpreting slopes and intercepts, p-values, R-squared, linear transformations, and correlation.

These videos are designed to be viewed in order. For example, later videos continue discussing hypothetical data examples from earlier videos.

The slides shown in these videos are available here: Regression intro slides [pdf]. Many of the slides will not make sense without the context given in the videos, and you do not need the slides to watch the videos.

List of Videos

The videos linked below are also available in a single Youtube playlist.

Part 1: What is ordinary least squares (OLS) regression?

Part 2: p-values for the slope and intercept

Part 3: R-squared

Part 4: Example R output

Part 5: Practice with linear transformations (and correlation)

Part 6: Another way of thinking about correlation and R-squared

Part 7: Caveats

Part 8: Example with a binary predictor