Miscellaneous R Functions

This is a download page for my set of miscellaneous general-purpose R functions. The latest version is here: MiscFunctions.r [text]. Past versions can be found in a list below. If you have found a bug, please email me using the address available on my contact page.

I created most of these functions for my own personal use, and I publish and maintain them for my students and anyone else who may be interested. They address a variety of tasks that sometimes come up in psychological data analysis. For example, some of the functions can (a) read the specific type of CSV file that the Qualtrics survey platform provides by default, (b) display a regression summary table with confidence intervals and standardized slopes, (c) provide a set of paired t-tests with a Holm-Bonferroni correction, (d) display group means in a vertical dot plot.

Past Versions

MiscFunctions-2023-07-29.r [text]